Monday, January 26, 2015

Tummy Ache

Every time I think about how close I am to the end I get such an anxious feeling. Excitement, sadness, fear, happiness, gratitude, love, nostalgia, and many other emotions fill me as I reflect on how far I've come and how far I have to go. My only goal now is go go go go go right until the end! 

This week the branch president's daughter was married. They had a small ceremony in the chapel for those who couldn't go to the temple. We went because they asked me to help with piano. Some of the family members gave talks and talked about how happy they were to have always lived with the Gospel in their family and how that blesses marriages and families. It was amazing to see how happy that branch president was to see his final of 5 children being sealed in the temple. The next day one of the daughters mencioned how everyone was so amazed that the wedding was so fun even though they served no alcohol. The people working in the reception venue commented about how happy and kind every one at the party was. Later another sister talked about how the only weddings they ever go to have been members of their own family because no one else gets married anymore. 

It's amazing how different and how much happier our lives are with the Gospel. Every day the deep crevice between the way God wants us to live and the way the world wants us to live grows deeper. How hard it is for people to understand why we're on this side, why we would choose to be so "limited", why we would be so "closed-minded", or why we would believe so much in things we can't see. What a blessing it is to be a missionary and invite people to come, see, feel, and understand why we do what we do. It makes us so, so happy and we wouldn't sacrifice that happiness for anything. The small amount of service I have done here in Chile will never be enough to thank the Lord for how much He has blessed me - but he accepts it anyway. That's what so great about the whole thing. 

Thanks for always reading my letters, writing me, praying for me, etc. I love you all!

Con amor, 

Hermana Glazier

photos: A beautiful spot in Parral, and thrift shopping in Chile...something I will truly, truly miss.

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