Monday, January 19, 2015


I've never been a lover of hot weather, and let me tell's not even THAT hot here, but there's no air conditioning anywhere. It's sometimes frustrating that something so out of our control, like the WEATHER, is one of our biggest obstacles.
If I could,I would run all over Parral and do a million 20-minute spirit--filled visits with as many people as possible. But that usually isn't possible.

Sometimes we walk slowly to avoid heat exhaustion, everyone offers us juice or something when we go to lessons (and they end up being longer), and sometimes it's hard to focus on what the spirit is telling us to say when all I can think is "I hope I don't smell bad. This fly is driving me nuts. I am so sweaty. When do I need to put sunscreen on again? I should ask them to fill up my water bottle." etc. etc. But like I say, the weather is something that we absolutely cannot control. I don't know why we get so frustrated sometimes with things that literally have nothing to do with our responsibility. Why we spend so much time worrying, stressing, and getting upset about things we can't control. 

I've noticed that when something is really important, the Lord will help us make it happen even when the circumstances are not 100% desirable. That's what happened last week one day when we needed to teach one of our investigators. We always teach him in a member's house, and that day he wasn't going to be home. As we frantically tried to figure out where we could go to teach him, our only option ended up being an Hermana who was preparing to go on vacation. Luckily she accepted our last minute plea and we went over. We had the lesson on her patio because it was so hot inside. Her kids were all walking in and out looking for things to pack their suitcases, the TV was on, the next door neighbors were doing construction and blasting music, etc etc. but It was still and important lesson for us. This investigator has gone to church several times but is hesitant to accept a baptismal date. We knew this lesson had to be spiritual so he could feel that he really needed to be baptized. And it was! We did our best and ignored all the distractions and everything worked out fine. He's still unsure about his date but that lesson was still crucial. 

I hope everyone's doing well, enjoying the skiing (booooo), and enjoying all the other great things that life offers. I'm excited to keep working for a few more weeks and every day I regret not bringing one of those little spray fans...hahaha. 


Hermana Glazier

p-day means cooking woohooo, zone conference, my excitement as I received TWO packages! So relieved that I got my Christmas package, finally...if I wouldn't have gotten it at zone conference I would have gotten it when I went to the mission office on my way home haha. AND got to go to breakfast at the Scholes' again!


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