Monday, January 12, 2015


I've just been hearing too much about marriage lately. The mission leader in the Parral Branch just got married, many others in the branch are preparing for their wedding (including some investigators we're teaching), I've received many emails announcing engagements, etc. The curse of the trying-to-not-be-trunky-in-her-last-transfer-missionary!

Aside from all the talk about marriage, the work is going well! We've recently had some drastic changes in our mission. We used to have to keep track of all the lessons, contacts, etc. that we did each week. Now there are only a few things we have to report. The idea is that we should be uniting with the leaders of the church here and all be on the same page (we should have done that before but you know, we're slow learners). It's really cool to see the vision that the Lord's servants have. The idea for them is always to see real conversion and real growth. It's amazing to see how little by little the Lord gets us closer to where we need to be. 

I am so grateful for this time because as I see everything from the outside, the point of view of a person investigating the church, I realize all the things that I want to contribute as a "normal" member at home. I understand just a little bit better than before what it means to be a leader in the church and what that responsibility really means. I know that because of my experience here I'll be able to fulfill better my role as a woman in the church no matter where I am in my future life. 

I'm more grateful every day for my Savior and the great happiness and hope I have as a member of His church. 

with much love, 

Hermana Glazier

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