Monday, August 26, 2013


Hello, everyone!

"Buenissimo" kind of the theme word of everything. I love it for some reason.

I hope everyone's doing well over there in the USA, where they have BYU Creamery milk. (That's what I want for Christmas, mom).

This week started off with a mini-cambio. I spent 24 hours with Hermana Rane. I felt like a cheater because we may not have spoke Spanish all the time . . . but it was too fun. Turns out, she lived a couple buildings away from me last year and I we didn't even know! 

We also had stake conference this week. It was great! I actually understood a lot of it. The Gospel is the same everywhere, and church feels like home. Sustaining all the leaders of the Church was probably my favorite part. All over the world, in the church, we sustain the same leaders, and we all essentially have the same goal. I love that. The thing that was different though, was that there are currently 10 members of our stake serving full time missions. I'm pretty sure the home ward has more than that at a time. But, like I said, it's still the same church, the same Gospel, the same Heavenly Father who we are serving. 

The work here definitely has a unique dynamic. People are very willing to let us into their house (probably because we mostly contact people who've talked to missionaries before), but setting up appointments or getting them to come to church is a different story. This week we had 3 people who agreed to baptismal dates, and none of them attended stake conference. Aaaaand there goes the baptismal date. But we will carry on, and hope for next week. 

I'm really learning to love this place, and the people. But I miss you all! And I'm not kidding about that BYU Creamery milk. Or even just milk in a gallon. Ah, well, I'm gonna say it's worth it. 

Hermana Glazier

Monday, August 19, 2013


¡Hola Err´body!

Yes, I am alive, and I am in Chile. Those are the important things, yeah?

I traveled with a few other elders, which was such a blessing. I felt like such a lost little baby the whole time. And there´s no way I could have handled that luggage on my own . . . muchissimas gracias to those elders. 

In the meeting with the new arrivals, we were all asked to bear our testimony. I discovered at that time that my American accent is brought out in a big way when I get nervous. BUT that meeting was great because . . . drumroll . . . I met my new compañera! Her name is Hna Suarez and she is EXACTLY what I need for a trainer. She doesn´t speak English, she´s been out for over a year, definitely knows what she´s doing, and is very in tune with the Spirit. Needless to say, I´ve learned approximately 16billion trillion million things in my first week. Woohoo! It´s a bit tiring only being able to talk in Spanish, but one of the Hermanas we live with is from the U.S. too, so that´s a relief.

The sad news is, Hermana Oldroyd was transferred far, far away, so it might be a while before I see her. But I´m convinced that I will eventually!

We are in a place called Tomé. It is an adorable coastal town. There are dogs everywhere, and luckily none of them have given me rabies yet. I think. You can see the ocean from basically everywhere, and the view from our house is INCREDIBLE. Our house has thin walls and huge windows though, so it´s pretty cold. I´m pretty sure it´s colder than outdoors. My best friend here is the space heater we use when we sleep and study. I never thought I would say this, but . . . I underestimated the cold-ness of this place. I froze the first night, and ever since then I´ve been wearing like 29 sweaters and 6 pairs of leggings at a time. Just call me the 29 sweater lady. (I really wish I could tweet that right now).

The first day was pretty hard, I´m not going to lie. I have literally never been so lost in my life. I had no idea what was going on. Everyone said that Chile is the most like the U.S. in South America. Buuuut . . . seriously, people. it´s different. Nevertheless, I did what I have been told is the remedy for all - WORK. I am gaining such a testimony of the blessings of being diligent. Even though it was hard, I stuck it out and followed the schedule and did my best. It honestly only took me ONE day of this to feel like myself and to feel comfortable with the schedule and responsibilities. Now I am happier than ever, and I absolutely love this place. ¡¡¡Yay Tomé!!!

Hermana Suarez didn´t waste any time, and we´ve been contacting and teaching ever since my arrival Tuesday night! We´ve taught several lessons and I´ve even asked someone if they would commit to baptism! She didn´t, but, still. I was surprised and how quickly we´re diving into the work here. 

Okay can we just take a second and appreciate . . . FOOD. The food here is amazing. I haven´t eaten a single thing I didn´t like. We ate lunch with members every day the past week. Let me just give you an idea of what it´s like. We went to a member´s house for lunch, and we were late because of District meeting. We called to ask where it was, and they didn´t know we were coming until that point. The mom was cooking when we got there and she was all stressed out because she had no idea ahead of time. A few minutes later she brings out the most amazing mashed potatoes and beef I have ever had in my life. And she had no idea we were coming. Like, okay then, just whip out this gourmet meal! I don´t think we´re going to go hungry. 

The ward here is EXCELLENT. We met a ton of members and they´re all super nice and super eager to help with the missionary effort. And the kids are adorable, of course. I´m really excited to be in this ward, for sure. 

I love you all! Thanks for all the emails and love and prayers! All is well!

Love, Hermana Glazier

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


First email was a joke. GOTCHA. Well honestly I only have 5 minutes left so here goes! (30 min is NOT ENOUGH).
I love the MTC! Probably because I only have 1 week left, but I don't know why everyone complains so much! I don't really miss home that much (sorry fam, I love you, but it's the truth for now) because I'm so focused on everything going on here. It's different but I love it. I was never able to focus this much at school!
Within my first few minutes of class here, I choked on my water and spewed it EVERYWHERE. Embarassing, yes. But things have gotten better from there. I love my district, they are SO much fun. Our teachers are great, our lessons are great, and I absolutely love my companera! Her name is Hna. Rivera and she's from CA. She has sacrificed a lot to be here and she is such a great example to me. I struggle with the Spanish and she's super encouraging and helpful. (There's only me and one elder in our district who aren't native spanish speakers, so it's a little intimidating. But I'm surviving).
I've figured out the key to being popular in the MTC - have altoids. It's like the one kid in school who always has gum, but we can't chew gum here, so yeah. Everyone flocks to my Altoids after meals.
Love you all, thanks for the emails, I'll send photos next week because these computers are like everything-proof.
The Gospel is so true, people. Next time I email you will most likely be from Chile! I fly out Monday. See ya!
Love, Hna. Glazier!!! (it's so cool having that nametag, I feel super legit).